Saturday, September 5, 2009

Strange Dream

Last night I had the most strange and vivid dream. I was asleep on the floor of Mikes room in a sleeping bag. I dreamt I was in this big old house, I had jusst moved in, I was alot older, maybe thirthy. I was married, but I never got to see my husband, and I had a huge pregnant stomach (Which made me wake up three times with fright, only to sigh with relief and go back to sleep.) This house was really beautiful and huge, with high ceilings and big door ways. It was grey and kinda dark. As my dream progressed a group of people I didn't recognise, but knew in the dream, and I began to fix the house, renovate it. It became more and more beautiful in the dream. The windows were draped with white fabric and the walls were white and everything was crisp and clean. There were some huge coloured pots around the place, really ugly and horrid, the people working on the house with me dragged me out into the garden to see them all stacked in a pile on a huge fountain, they told me Steve was going to plant the strawberries in them. Who is Steve? The garden was really beautiful, bathed in a soft grey light form the summer afternoon sun. the coloured pots seemed to have faded to pretty light pastel colours and looked really beautiful. I walked around the garden and my husband came over and held my stomach and danced with me to music which was playing from a far away window in the house.
Then things began to get really strange. I dreamt that I was holding some kind of day-care classes in a bright wallpapered room of the house, there were thirty children running around like little chickens. We were having some kind of competition and some one was weeling me around in a shopping trolley in a supermarket. It was all very strange, the shopping center isles seemed to strtch on forever. I was pulling cans of spagetti off the shelves and shouting and laughing and telling people to hurry up or we'll run out of time....
then my alarm went off and I woke up.
I felt my stomach to make sure there was no bump. Phew everything was fine.
"Good morning Meg"

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