Thursday, June 11, 2009

The girl

So there is this girl. She's really beautiful looking. A bit like a fairy. She's really small and always wore make up and had her hair done. She cared too much about what people think and only cared about people that could make her seem better or make her feel better or both. She used her pretty face and charm to get what ever she wanted. Lots of people loved her, because she pretended that she was lots of things or maybe she was lots of things and just exagerated them, and she liked to use them to make herself feel better because she always needed to be told she was beautiful and perfect. But in doing this she hurt lots of people be cause she never gave them what she had promised. She had too lovely friends who really loved her and tried to look after her as best they could, because often she didn't really know what she wanted and got herself into all kinds of trouble. Her two friends were kind and gentle and had many of their own friends who loved them very much. The girl would get very very angry when her friends would spend time together. She wanted them to only love her not any one else, or even each other. One of her friends decided that they needed space away from her destructive nature, the other tried to help her. She lied and said horrid untrue things about one of them and even though they hadn't done anything she still rang them up crying and being rude about the other friend. They tried to explain them selves to her, tried to tell her she needed to grow up, that she needed to be considerate of the people that love her or they wont be able to be around her. But it was too late for one of her friends, they couldn't stand to see her face after all of the lies. The other friend was really really upset and torn. The girl had pushed away so many people in such a little space of time. She drained the goodness out of everything and made it hard to see the good things in the world because she hovered like a dark cloud. But then her friends realized that they had many lovely friends that loved them and that they loved. They didn't need the bitter girl to make them sad. They could be happy with the people that really loved them.

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