Wednesday, May 13, 2009

There once was a girl

There once was a girl who lived in a jar. She couldn't come out of the jar because the world was much too scary and harsh on her fair skin. Her parents would feed her salad and tea through a little window in the side. She would look out at the world through the glass and some times on bad days, all the glass would cloud up with tears. She was quite sad in her little jar. She could only get places when someone lifted her into a little red wagon and weeled her around. On one of these occasions she was left in the garden to sit in the sun for a little while. She could see really clearly through the glass a sprout coming up out of the ground it was white and looked like a thread of sunlight. She opened the little glass window and reached down tot he thread. She gave it one hard pull. Out of the ground came a boy. The thread of sunlight was one of his golden hairs. He was wearing a green knitted cardigan. He said to the girl "Don't ever let me go back into the ground again, you can't leave me. Please. My legs are stuck inthe ground." The girl said "I'll stay here." So she waited and waited, refusing to go home, she was getting thin and sick from not eating and just waiting. Autumn passed. Winter Passed. Then a ray of spring time sunlight hit his sunshine hair. He sprang out of the ground. The girl started to cry and he said, "why do are you crying my love?" And se said, "Well now you are free from the ground you don't need me anymore." He said to her "That's not true. I'll always need you." And he took a little hammer out of his pocket and hit the jar as hard as he could. It splintered into a thousand peices and the girl was free. The built a little cottage in the woods and lived together forever and ever. She was never sad agains.


  1. good God Meg, I love you.
    I want to live in a cottage away from the busy world. Let's go camping soon.

  2. Oh yes that would be so lovely!!