Monday, May 18, 2009

There once was a boy.

There once was a boy who was beautiful and tall. He was so lovely in every way. He was creative and sweet and everyone loved him. There was a girl who loved him more than everything else in the world. She loved him more than sunshine, more than baby ducks and much more than vegan chocolate cake. But the poor fragile boy was so scared of commitment, he was scared of hurting her and or hurting himself. He pushed her and pushed her, and pushed her away some more. As far away from him as he could. Then one day she fell right off the edge of the earth. He watched her fall and then he felt a sharp pain in his chest. He felt so so horrid that he realized he had to try to find her. He lept off the edge of the earth and they were together forever.

I wrote this story at uni and hung it from a hook on a tree. I wrote a few of them but I liked this one the best.


  1. Hanging it from a tree is such a beautiful idea.

  2. it looked quite cool, pieces of paper hanging from the tree.