Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Officeworks play time.

An 8 year old boy came into Office Works today. He was really bored and shouting at his mum and dad. So I gave him a plastic cup. He put it on his head and said he was king of the land, I gave him another cup and he put them over his ears and said he was a robot from space. I then poked pop-sticks in the cups and he became a Pirate with two hooks for hands. His dad was laughing, but his mum just frouned at me and picke dhim up and took him away. It was fun while it lasted.

OH! On Monday I saw the sweetest couple on the bus. The boy looked liek he'd just stepped out of "The Lost Boys", he was wearing purple John Lennon Glasses and had piles of curly black hair and patent leather black and white pumps liek some I'd given to a friend of mine. The girl had bright pink and orange hair and the sweetest blue gingham dress with a white starched collar and lace trim and a little pair or brown leather shoes.
They were so lovely. I wanted to take a photo and keep them forever in the loveliness that was them.

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