Sunday, July 26, 2009

There once was a girl.

There once was a girl who lived all alone. She lived in an enchanted house in a room full of books and beautiful objects. She liked to read in bed with a little torch and smoke cigarettes under an umbrella in the garden when it rained. She liked to listen to old records and watch movies projected onto her bedroom wall. She didn't always live alone, she didn't choose to, but it was thrust upon her. It wasn't so bad, she had time to think. She felt that if she slept alot and did alot of art work the time would pass faster, she also knew that talking on the phone with her friends and having garden parties would make her feel happy. So she did these things and got through her days. So she counted down, one day at a time. Her favourite thing to do was learn when was happening on the other side of the world. He was on the other side of the world, 14487 km almost. He sent her post cards and messages and she read them and stuck them up on her pin up board along with all her photos and pictures on animals. It's not too long now.


  1. :) I feel you're pain Megan.
    I hope you're doing ok.

  2. Urgh I can't believe I wrote 'you're' when I meant 'your'.

  3. Thanks Elisa :)

  4. your not alone, friends are there for you
    if they come knocking, let them in
    don't shut the blinds otherwise youll find when you open them again no one will be there